About Car / Motor Bike Relocation

It can be done in shared or in private containers as per the choice of the Client. The quote shall be different as per the need and also keep changing.

There will be different regulations depending on the country of destination and to be known at the particular time of move plan.

About Fine Arts & Sculptures Relocation

It is essential to know and understand the rules and regulations governing overseas borders and customs which vary from country to country. There may be some Acts also. The applicable Duties and Taxes, penalties etc., at origin country and destination country should be known thoroughly.

It is also essential to evaluate the price of the item and get Transit Insurance to cover its full value.

Antiques, sculptures, crafts and paintings need special packing / crating and careful handling and we assure of our best services.

About Piano & Billiard Table / Pool Table Relocation

Self - packing is not advisable for these items. Special packing / crating and careful handling will be our responsibility which shall cost extra charges.

About Packing

Some Clients may think that they would pack their goods themselves. But there is every possibility for the breakages or damages to occur in case the packing is not perfectly done. It is desirable and ideal if the packing is done by professionals since the packing is itself an art.

In fact the Professional packing/un-packing services will be provided as part of the door to door delivery relocation job. We do provide Packing Service along with Standard and Appropriate Packing Materials required as per the “Shipping Standards” and “Export Norms specific to the port of destination” for packing the goods of an international move.

Our crew members are well trained and we can depute them for dismantling of common furniture and packing the goods, if opted for.

If a Handyman’s Service is required for dismantling of special and branded furniture like IKEA the same can be arranged with extra cost.

However, if the Clients choose to do it themselves the following measures are advised.

  • Not to overload the boxes.
  • To pack the fragile items with utmost care.
  • To label the boxes indicating the item / items packed in for identification and careful handling and also to move it directly to the respective location at the time of delivery. Much time can be saved at the time of loading and unloading.

About Un-Packing & Debris Removal

  • Un-packing and debris removal will be done by the crew of the Destination Agent on the same day of delivery of goods at no extra.