First it is very essential to give a clear picture of the priorities and concerns and the detailed list of goods to be moved to the Relocation Agent (at origin) for perfect understanding & planning the move.

The Relocation Agent then conducts the PMS (Pre Move Survey), plans the important aspects of the move and prepares the schedule which also suits the Client for packing, moving & storage of goods, documentation required for the customs for export and the final move of the shipment from port.

Import Shipments

The Client need to produce all the documents for Customs Clearance as required by the Local Customs Authorities and is also to give the Relocation Agent at destination a clear picture about the prevailing conditions around the destination point, any special requirements, any priorities, storage - warehouse requirements before delivery, the time of delivery and un-packing of goods - as required etc.,.

The Relocation Agent at Origin will explain every aspect to the Client before entrusting the move job to them at origin.

Similarly the Relocation Agent at Destination will also explain every aspect of customs clearance, clearance of goods from port, delivery and un-packing of goods, about warehouse storage facilities if the delivery to the residence is to be delayed for any reasons.