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You can request for a Free Estimated Quote. First we shall depute our Personnel for a Free Pre-Move Survey of the goods at your residence and then submit a free estimated quote.

The physical survey will enable to evaluate the volume of goods and to know about any specific needs before giving the estimate.

“You need to ensure that all the items are accounted for at the time of survey.”

On further discussion on your total and specific needs of your move in detail, an Accurate Quote will be placed before you.

We Promise to give the Best & Competitive Quote without compromising The Quality of Service.

The more information you provide us prior to your move, the better chances can be ensured for a smooth move that fits your budget.

To request for an estimated quote, email us ace.igpl@gmail.com/enquiry@aceinternationalgroup.com.
Should you need any clarifications please feel free to contact us through email.

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