The freight charges will be very high. However small portion of very important and most urgent goods may be moved by air shipment.

Air Freight Calculation: Calculated by the actual weight of package or the volumetric weight, whichever is high.

Volumetric Weight = (Length x Width x Height) divided by 6000 as applicable.

Sea Shipment

FCL – Full Container Load 20 FT / 40 FT / 40 HQ
When the volume of goods to be shipped is large enough and when storage is not required at the origin port or destination port.

It is to be considered as Sole Use Container which is exclusively meant for your goods.

At times, depending on the loading restrictions laid by some countries, the goods may be first loaded into wooden crates (lift vans) and then they are loaded into the container.

LCL – Less than Container Load
When the volume of goods to be shipped is not large enough to form FCL, In such a case the goods will be loaded into wooden crates (lift vans) at our warehouse, steel banded and then loaded into a shared container by the Shipping Line after consolidation of others LCL.

There can be some delay for customs clearance in the case of LCL due to deconsolidation.

Obviously the freight charges will be lesser for LCL below 7cbm when compared to FCL.

Groupage – It is like sharing a container (for a common destination point) and so the freight charges shall be minimal or say economical.
This shipment involves much time before the shipment moves from the origin port as it is needed to wait till the container is fully loaded and also at the time of clearance at the destination port.

This may be chosen for the shipments that are not time sensitive and need minimal freight charges.

First the packed goods will have to be shifted by trucks from the residence to be stored at our warehouse till the availability of the container.

Sea Freight Calculation: Calculated on the basis of Volume of the packed goods in Cubic Meters. Volume = Length x Width x Height in Meters.

Generally it is assumed that the 20 Ft container can accommodate the goods of a 2 or 3 bed room house.